• Analisi Termografiche

Infrared Vision and Thermography

C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l. operates in the thermographic sector to prevent any breakdowns, as this technology makes the invisible visible given that in a thermal image the problems immediately catch the eye.

Many companies have entered C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l. in their predictive maintenance programs. 

Maintenance activities start from the monitoring of high voltage equipment, to low voltage electrical panels, to motors, to pumps or to high temperature equipment, but also to the study and research and development of new materials. 

The thermographic analysis performed by C.C.Elettronica S.r.l .:

- Provides a complete picture of the situation

 -It allows performing inspections with the system in operation

 - Identify and localize the problem

 - Measure temperatures accurately

 - Indicates the right adjustments that must be carried out

 - Identify a problem before the failure occurs

 - Save time and money

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