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C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l. is specialized in the procjection, production and repair of Electronic Cards, Equipment for Control Systems, Electronic Devices and accessories for industrial applications.

C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l. is also committed to meeting an ever increasing demand for specialized technical assistance at the customer and end user.

Since 1982, C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l., started its activity by offering its products and services, mainly in the Thermoplastic market, Technopolymers.

Taking advantage of the various opportunities that the evolution of the market has offered, over the years following its establishment, C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l. has broadened your horizons by turning your interest to a diversified clientele, however, in other industrial sectors.

Years of experience acquired in multiple sectors, allows us to provide adequate technical support for:

- Product engineering and possible subsequent development

- Thermal evaluation of details for molds and any design elements

- Technical consultancy and supply of "turnkey" hot chamber systems

- Repair of Industrial Electronic Boards with Final Tests and Testing

- PLC repair with Final Tests and Tests

- Servo Driver Repair and Power Supplies for Axis Control with Final Tests and Testing

- Realization of Electronic Cards on Customer's request

- BGA inspection and Thermography

- 3D printing solutions


Keeping faith with its origins, C.C. ELETTRONICA S.r.l. confirms its thirty-year and traditional presence in the Thermoplastic sector.

Ensures technical assistance and repair for all your products which, after 30 years, are still present and functioning on the market.

It takes care of its possible replacement with technologically updated and totally compatible Products.

This is confirmed by the current commitment in the production of:

-          Regulation and Control Modules of the "RTS" Series

-          Temperature Control Units for Hot Rooms

-          "Marzia Series" multi-zone control unit

-          Sequential control units and accessories for valve nozzles

-              "Ulteria Serie" mold conditioning units








C.C. Elettronica Srl, has just settled in the new headquarters.

It has modern laboratories in which it develops design, production, testing, testing and final testing activities.

This is where the development of new products takes place, which will be presented to the market when the tests are completed.

For the calibration activity it uses instrumentation certified by third parties.

To comply with the traceability and reference requirements, it has adequate proprietary instrumentation.

Applies the International Standard procedures required by current legislation.

To this end, we also have regular licenses for metrology software:

    Met / Cal Fluke for 5500A

    Met / Track Fluke for 5500A

    Dpc / Track Fluke for 743

C.C. Elettronica S.r.l. ensures and guarantees the quality of all its products.  It operates in a Quality System in a self-certification regime.


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Francesco Conti (Founding Member)

Davide Conti (CEO)

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